We are students of the University of Mannheim who founded a student association to provide free voluntary legal advice out of court for students and other citizens with legal problems. We are offering advice in the fields of civil rights and foreign rights. Unfortunately, we are not able to help in matters of family law, criminal law and taxes. We work in cooperation with lawyers, professors and our supporting attorneys.



Since the 1960s, it is common in the USA that law students provide legal advice to their citizens supported by their professors. In this way they gain their first practical experiences outside the class. They unite to “Legal Clinics“ to give free legal advice (“pro bono“) and solve judicial cases. Since the ratification of the “Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz“ (RDG) on 12th December 2007 students in Germany are also allowed to found such associations. The condition for the legal advice is that is has to be free of any charges (“pro bono“) and supervised by a lawyer.



Together with our partners we want to provide a free legal advice, solutions for different legal issues in the fields of foreigner law and civil law as well as in general juristic questions. As students of the University of Mannheim and citizens of Mannheim we want to take over Social Responsibility.