Our team

Our executive board

Luisa Gebauer

Luisa Gebauer, President

Contact: praesident(at)probono-mannheim.de

Luisa studies commercial law since 2014 at the University of Mannheim and is the current president of our association.

Lennard Streb

Lennard Streb, Head of Civil Law

Contact: zivilrecht(at)probono-mannheim.de

Lennard studies commercial law since 2014 at the University of Mannheim and is head of the working group Civil Law in our association.

Noëlle Lang

Noëlle Lang, contact person of Foreigner Law

Contact: auslaenderrecht(at)probono-mannheim.de

Noëlle studies commercial law since 2015 at the University of Mannheim and is our contact person of the group Foreigner Law in our association.

Marcel Vollmerhausen

Marcel Vollmerhausen, Treasurer

Contact: schatzwart(at)probono-mannheim.de

Marcel started his legal studies at the University of Mannheim in 2013 and received his bachelor's degree. Now he takes the complementary courses for the First State Law Examination. Marcel is treasurer in our association.

Our Organization team

Human Resources

Laura Mikschy

Contact: hr(at)probono-mannheim.de


Florentina Krasniqi

Contact: koordination(at)probono-mannheim.de

Laura Mikschy, Zivilrecht
Laura Mikschy

Florentina Krasniqi


Cesarina Hilp, Felix Gerhards

Contact: marketing(at)probono-mannheim.de

Cesarina Hilp
Cesarina Hilp
Felix Gerhards
Felix Gerhards

Fundraising and Sponsoring

Timo Günthert, Noah Krzeminski

Contact: fundraising(at)probono-mannheim.de

Timo Günthert

Noah Krzeminski

Public Relations and Networking

Sarah Wachs

Contact: edv(at)probono-mannheim.de

Sarah Wachs