Consultancy process

The consultancy process by members of PRO BONO Mannheim – Studentische Rechtsberatung e.V. is really simple:

  1. First of all you contact us by using our contact form. Please provide us with any relevant information on your case already at this stage.
  2. After sending in your form, our coordination department will check to ascertain whether we are able to take the mandate. If the amount in dispute exceeds 1.500 Euro, or if you have an issue concerning the fields of family law, criminal law or law of taxation, as well as only a short period of handling time, we are not allowed to take your case. Due to the fact that we are getting active voluntarily and part-time, you don´t have a claim on consultation.
  3. If there is no reason for refusing the mandate, we will forward your case to our consultation team, which usually consists of two law students. The responsible team will contact you for a first meeting for checking the details and to declare an exclusion of liability. This means that our liability is limited to gross negligence and wilful misconduct in consultation mistakes. As students, we are not liable to advocate liability.
  4. After the registration of the case and the signing of the contract, your team will write an approval certificate, which illustrates your juristic position. Furthermore it illustrates your operation options with advantages and disadvantages.
  5. This approval certificate will be reviewed by a member of our advisory team before we will contact you once more to present our solution.
  6. After the contractual relationship is terminated, your personal data will be anonymised and archived to help our consultation teams in future cases. This allows us to guarantee an efficient consultation.